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How to set up MiTS Intranet License Manager


How to setup server license manager #

1. Download the MiTS Intranet license manager from here. Install it on your server machine 

*refer below images for reference

Image 1: Click ‘Accept and Install’
Image 2: Click Finish
Image 3: And ‘FloatingLicenseService.exe’ will be available at Desktop

2. Run the program by double clicking the ‘FloatingLicenseService.exe’ at Desktop. 

However, if you could not find it, the path is at; 

  1. “C:\Program Files (x86)\MES Innovation Sdn Bhd\MiTS Intranet License Manager” OR
  2. “C:\Program Files\MES Innovation Sdn Bhd\MiTS Intranet License Manager”

The name of the EXE is “FloatingLicenseService.exe”

3. For the first time, you will need to retrieve the server ‘Hardware ID’ and email it to MES Support Team to obtain a ‘Server License’

Image 4: How to get server Hardware ID

4. Then, you will get a license file from MES Support team (*.license) that activates the License Manager. Copy and paste the server license in the same directory as your “FloatingLicenseService.exe” 

The path is – C:\Program Files (x86)\MES Innovation Sdn Bhd\MiTSIntranetLicenseManager

Note: without it your License Manager can’t function

Image 5: Copy and paste your server license in the same directory as ‘FloatingLicenseService.exe’

5. Ensure that the License Manager is activated first before moving on to the next step by clicking the ‘Run Service’ and your License Manager will show information as image below;

Image 6: MiTS Intranet License Manager with server license
  • Do ensure that your firewall allows access from outside the machine (How to Allow application through firewall here)
  • If a Firewall message pops up when you first launch the software, make sure you allow it
  • By default we will use port 2202 for communication between the server and the client machine (engineer’s machine)

6. To check that the relevant port is opening up, you can launch the command in line in admin mode and then type in netstat -aon and press enter 

(if the port is opened you can find it in the list)

7. Make sure that you click on “Run Service” to enable the service

Image 7: port 2202 is in the list and the state is ‘LISTENING’’

How to setup the client side ( engineer’s machine) #

1. For the client machines (AKA engineer’s machines), copy the URI- the address of the server from the client machine point of view  and send to MES Support team to create license for client machines. 

Image 8: How to get URI – the address of the server from the client machine point of view

Note: A license file will be created for client machines that bind to this server

2. Copy and paste the license in the same directory as your MiTS exe on the client machines (every single one of them)

The path is – C:\Program Files\MES Innovation Sdn Bhd\MiTS2\2.8.x.0

Image 9: Copy and paste license in MiTS 2.8.x.0 directory

3. Before launch MiTS 2, you may want to make sure that your client machine can connect to the specific server port

In Windows 10 

In Windows 7 or older Windows 

  • Click Start, type cmd into the Search box and right-click to run as administrator
  • To check that your machine is connecting to the specific server port, type netstat -an|find/i “listening”

Note: make sure that the TcpTestSucceeded is True

Image 10: How to check your machine is connecting to the server and make sure the TcpTestSucceeded is ‘True”

Note: for “server name” you can use i)server IP address OR ii)server computer name

4. Click MiTS and now you should be able to launch it and go to Help > Hardlock tab to ensure that it is correct.

Image 11: Hardlock ID details showing license retrieved from server

And when one of the client machines successfully launched MiTS 2.8.x.x, at the MiTS Intranet License Manager will show you the number of ‘current users’ connected.

Image 12: Maximum users and current users connected

How to allow a program to pass through your firewall #

When client’s machines are unable to connect to the server machine, it may be due to the firewall setting which prevents outside connection. 

To allow a program to pass through a firewall, you may follow steps as in image 13 below 

  1. (note: this is taken from microsoft support website) 

Add or remove an app from the list of allowed apps

Image 13: How to add/remove an app from the list of allowed apps from microsoft support website

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