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Inputting Node Properties

Node properties can be inputted in Spread Input or Properties. Users have to select “Node” before inputting the node properties.

Spread Input #

It is easier for users to input the node properties by using Spread Input (node properties table). Click the “ Spread Input” button for node properties table.

Node Spread Input (Node Properties Table) #

Water Demand #

Water demand can be entered directly in the water demand column or by using the Water Demand Calculator tab.

To input water demand in Spread Input, click the button at the Water Demand column for the calculator.

Double click on the input row and select the “Building Type” and insert the “No. of unit”. Press Enter and click the “Apply” button below to calculate the total water demand.

Click the Next/Previous button to input the water demand for other nodes.

The water demand calculation can also be calculated by using the Water Demand Calculator tab.

Property Grid #

Users can also input the node properties via the property grid (on the right hand side) by selecting the particular node to be input.

Note: Users may click the Verification Tab to view any warnings or errors during designing. 

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