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How to reduce the number of surveyor points imported from contour lines in MiTS 2

Sometimes user might encounter problems with software speed running slow after importing survey points. This usually happens when the number of survey points imported is at large or the size of survey drawing is large and these will give effect towards the software running speed.

Case 1 #

If the survey drawing size is large (more than 10 MB)

Suggestion Solution #

User is advised to reduce the drawing size by removing and deleting unnecessary layers that will not be used for modeling purpose in software

Case 2 #

When survey points generated from contour lines are located near to each other, it can lead to a large volume of data and slow down the software running speed. In MiTS 2, there are advanced settings available that can reduce the survey point counts imported from the contour lines. The advanced settings can be found at the bottom right in the Survey Point Import Dialog as shown per image below.

Import contour line without any adjustment #

First, we will untick for both “Apply Elevation Interval” and “Apply Minimum Polyline Vertex Spacing” as shown per image below.

Next, we will observe the survey point counts which can be viewed in the Survey Point Group Manager or in the “Terrain” tab at the RHS panel. For this setting, the survey point count imported is 68619. We will further reduce this number by adjusting the settings.

Apply The Elevation Interval #

In this section, we will try to reduce the survey point counts by adjusting the elevation intervals. What will this setting do with your survey points? This setting will only import points whose Z-value is a multiple of set height relative to set base value. For example, if we set the Base value to be 0m and Interval to be 5m, software will only import survey points from contour lines at 5m elevation intervals.

When we adjust the Elevation Interval to the base of 0m and interval of 5m, the total number of survey points imported from contour lines reduced from 68619 to 13930.

Apply Minimum Polyline Vertex Spacing #

One more setting we have is the minimum polyline vertex spacing. How does this setting work? If you adjust and apply this setting, it will help in reducing the number of vertices taken at each contour line for all elevation intervals.

For example, 5m minimum spacing at polyline, hence, the software will only import point/vertex which is 5m apart from each other for every contour lines and point/vertex which is less than 5m apart will not be imported.

Total number of survey points imported from contour lines after adjusting the ‘Minimum Polyline Vertex Spacing’ is reduced from 68619 to 8969.

References #

Please find the project file for your reference here.

Note that, there will be three survey point groups in this project file which you can refer to the Survey Point Group Manager as per image below. You can go to;

Main > Survey Points & Soil Info > Import Manage

For your own exercise, please find the Contour line drawing file here.

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