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End Area Method

Other than Digital Terrain Method (DTM) and Grid Method, software also provides End Area Method for earthworks volume calculation.


This method is only available after DTM analysis has been done.

To calculate Earthwork Cut/Fill volume using ‘End Area Method’, go to Earthwork>> Cut/Fill>> End Area. 

Select Input and click once at the input screen to activate snapping. 

Draw a cut line as a reference line of the End Area Method and insert cut line interval. 

Once the line interval has been inserted, locate the range of cut sections. Select the cut sections generated and click Calculate.  

The “End Area Method” earthworks calculation would be generated at Excel Report.

Customization End Area Method #

a) How to extend ‘End Area’ cut section 

After define end area, click once on top of the end area and right click > click extend. 

The ‘End Area’ cut section can only be extended at the starting cut section and software will highlight it in red circle 

The End Area cut section can be extended to either right side or left side 

b) How to change End Area interval 

To change the cut section interval, go to RHS tab > properties > change the interval 

c) Add more End Area cut section 

Go to RHS tab > Properties > change the extent value 

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