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Our Vision

  • To be Number One Engineering Software company in ASEAN which provides user-friendly software and locally customized solutions for engineers.


Our Mission

  • To be the most successful engineering software company in the world in delivering the best design experience in the field of engineering.
  • Our aim is to develop the most user-friendly engineering software so that everyone can design better.
  • MES will exceed customer expectations in term of quality; leading technology; competitive pricing; individual and company accountability; best in class service and support; and flexible customization capability.


MES Innovation Sdn Bhd is incorporated in year 2009 specializing in research, development, marketing and support of Civil Engineering Software. The company is committed in providing comprehensive infrastructure software solution to meet clients’ needs. Besides, we also provide consultation, customized products, and services for our clients. Our aim is to create long term value and growth potential.

MES Innovation Sdn Bhd is led by people with vast experience in IT industry. Company’s daily operations are run by a team with balance mix of technical specialist and operation management background. The Management Team priority is to ensure everyone plays their role and performs their duties with high sense of responsibility by nurturing a culture that is customer centric throughout the organization.

Despite our company is new in the industry, our products currently are trusted and used by more than 1,300 civil engineering consultancy firms around ASEAN countries. MES Innovation Sdn. Bhd. will continuously improve the productivity and efficiency of customers through the deployment of reliable software solution.


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