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Backup Project Configuration

There will be times where the technical support team might request a backup project file from the users for further analysis. 

Turn On/Off Log File Inclusion #

Users have the options either to include or not to include the log file when getting the backup file. This will help in reducing the size of the backup file if the diagnostic file is not required. Follow steps below to turn on/off the log file inclusion and how to get the backup file.

  1. Go to Options > Program Settings

  1. A “Program Settings” window will pop up, go to “Backup Settings”

  1. At the “Include Log file”, there are two options for users to choose which are “Yes” or “No”
    • “Yes” if users are having crashes, bugs or errors in data and calculation
    • “No” if users only require help on solving error in design

How To Get The Backup File #

  1. Go to “Main” tab > File > Backup

  1. Select the appropriate location to save your file > Save

  1. You will find the backup file in the .zip format

  1. This file should be attached together with an inquiry email to the technical support at support@mes100com
    (Note: Inquiry email without sender and company name will not be processed.)

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