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Why MiTS app can’t launch with cloud or soft-lock license?

This article is for cloud license users. If you are using a dongle, please follow this blogpost.

For our cloud and soft-lock license users, you will need to install the “Virbox User Tool Installer” which you can refer to the installation guideline here. However, there might be times when users might experience a few issues with logging in to their license account. Please refer to the steps below which are relevant to your specific concern.

Error incorrect username or password #

If you encounter an error message stating “Error incorrect username or password”, please double-check the username and password you have entered, as there is a possibility that you might have inputted them incorrectly.

However, if you have confirmed that you have entered the correct username and password, it is also advisable to check the selected Region located at the upper left corner. Please ensure that you have chosen “International” as your Region.

Don’t receive an activation email #

In case you haven’t received an activation email from VirboxLM, even after checking your inbox and spam folders, but our team has already issued the license for you, you can take the following action on your side by clicking on the “Forget?” hyperlink.

You will be directed to a website where you will need to input the registered email and CAPTCHA. 

Then, you will receive an email from Virbox containing a link that allows you to set a new password. Simply click on the provided link to proceed with setting a new password.

You will be directed to a webpage as per image below where you can create your new password.

If you are using Windows Emulator on a Non-Windows Machine #

For users who are using Windows Emulator on a Non-Windows Machine, you might encounter an error of “License service is stopped, kernel is unavailable!” when you open the Virbox Driver as shown per image below. This issue could possibly be caused by an incorrect installation of the Virbox driver version. Hence, you need to make sure that you are downloading the correct version of the Virbox driver;

  1. For x86 machine, with Windows, Ubuntu or Linux, you can download your virbox driver here.
  2. For x64 machine, with Windows emulator on Non-windows machine, you can download your virbox driver here.

Soft-Lock License is not applied to the bound devices with the same username as the Cloud License #

With a soft-lock license, users can register multiple licenses under a single user account, a concept referred to as concurrent device binding.

Users who opt for a soft-lock license only need to perform a one-time binding process for all concurrent devices, allowing them to launch the MiTS 2 software simultaneously. For more details on how to activate the license, please refer to the “Guidelines for the New Soft-Lock & Cloud License”.

If users possess both cloud and soft-lock licenses registered under the same username, they may encounter issues when attempting to launch the software on multiple devices. Only one of the devices will succeed at one time, while the others will encounter an error indicating the hardlock is missing.

In this scenario, the cloud license will take precedence and be utilized for software launch. It’s important to note that the cloud license permits usage on a single device at a time. To determine the type of license in use, users may,

Launch the software > Navigate to the ‘Help’ tab > Click on Hardlock

Example of Cloud and Soft-lock license issued under the same username

To resolve the issue, users can simply log out from their Virbox account after successfully completing the binding process and launch the software as usual. Once the license is bound to the machine, users will no longer required to remain logged into their account or maintain an internet connection, in contrast to using the cloud license.

License Not Detected Although Still Active #

Sometimes user might face this problem where the license is still activated when checking with MES Technical Support team, but when opening the Virbox User License Tool, there is no license detected just as the image below.

This issue can be solved with a very simple step:

  1. Logout your Virbox account and login again
  1. Then, click the ‘Refresh‘ button
  1. If the issue still occurs, you might need to proceed to the next step
  1. Uninstall the Virbox User License Tool
  1. Delete all files in %programData%/senseshield. You can type ‘%programData%/senseshield‘ in the File Explorer address bar and delete all files present in that folder

  1. Re-install the Virbox User License Tool. You might go to this page for the re-installation link

Update to Latest Virbox version #

The issue that occurred might be because the Virbox User License Tool you used is an old version. You may try to update to the latest Virbox User License Tool from this page. The step to install the new version can be referred to the article here from step 5 onwards.

Checking the Connection with Virbox User License Tool #

There might be a problem with the connection between the machine used and the Virbox server. You may check whether the connection is available by pinging the Virbox website. How to do that? Follow these simple steps:

  1. Open Command Prompt. You may type ‘cmd’ or ‘command prompt’ on the Search bar

  1. Type in ‘ping auth.lm-global.virbox.com’ and press Enter. You will get something like this if there is a connection with the Virbox server

  1. If there’s no connection with the Virbox server, you will get something like this. You may follow the next step if this happens

Using a Different Internet Connection #

There might be a blind spot on the cloud license connection with the current network used. You may want to try using a different internet connection to test, just to ensure that it’s not your network connection issue.

For example, you may use your own mobile data or mobile hotspot for the internet connection and see whether you can connect to the Virbox or not

Feel free to reach out to us at support@mes100.com or WhatsApp us here if the problem still occurred or you have some inquiries regarding our software

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