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Why MiTS app can’t launch with cloud license?

For our cloud license users, you will need to install the “Virbox User Tool Installer” which you can refer to the installation guideline here. However, there might be times where users might experience few issues with logging in into their cloud license account. Please refer to the steps below which are relevant to your specific concern.

1. Error incorrect username or password #

If you encounter an error message stating “Error incorrect username or password”, please double-check the username and password you have entered, as there is a possibility that you might have inputted them incorrectly.

However, if you have confirmed that you have entered the correct username and password, it is also advisable to check the selected Region located at the upper left corner. Please ensure that you have chosen “International” as your Region.

2. Don’t receive activation email #

In case you haven’t received an activation email from VirboxLM, even after checking your inbox and spam folders, but our team has already issued the license for you, you can take the following action on your side by clicking on the “Forget?” hyperlink.

You will be directed to a website where you will need to input the registered email and CAPTCHA. 

Then, you will receive an email from Virbox containing a link that allows you to set a new password. Simply click on the provided link to proceed with setting a new password.

You will be directed to a webpage as per image below where you can create your new password.

3. If you are using Windows Emulator on a Non-Windows Machine #

For users who are using Windows Emulator on a Non-Windows Machine, you might encounter an error of “License service is stopped, kernel is unavailable!” when you open the Virbox Driver as shown per image below. This issue could possibly be caused by an incorrect installation of the Virbox driver version. Hence, you need to make sure that you are downloading the correct version of the Virbox driver;

  1. For x86 machine, with Windows, Ubuntu or Linux, you can download your virbox driver here.
  2. For x64 machine, with Windows emulator on Non-windows machine, you can download your virbox driver here.

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