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Troubleshooting Guideline for Google Earth Import

Users may get certain warnings or errors when trying to obtain survey points data using the Google Earth import available in MiTS. Usually, when this happens, users will get confused and have no idea on how to fix the issue.

Hence, this blogpost will guide users in troubleshooting some of the common warnings or errors such as;

Data not imported because the API key is not populated #

The error is as follows;

‘Data not imported because the API key is not populated. Please go to Parameter to find the Google Earth Settings API to populate the key’

Cause(s) of the error #

1. Users did not input the API key generated by Google in MiTS

Suggested solution for the error #

1. Users will need to obtain the API key from the Google Maps Platform and input the API key obtained in MiTS before importing survey points from Google Earth.

Obtaining Levels failed #

The error is as follows;

‘Obtaining Levels failed, the error message is REQUEST_DENIED. Try again later and/or make sure your API key is valid (click on the button besides the API key field to find out how)’

Cause(s) of the error #

1. The project under which your API key is created is not attached with a valid billing account

2. The Enabled APIs & Services settings are not correct

Suggested solution for the error #

The project must be linked to a valid billing account #

Make sure that the project is attached or linked to a valid billing account as this is a requirement set by Google to ensure users are not robots.

To create or link a billing account to the project;

Select the right project > Navigation Menu Billing 

[Note: Refer to How to Get API Key for Google Earth Import – section ‘Enable Billing’]


Check on the enabled APIs for the project #

The Maps Elevation API should be enabled for the project.

To check on the enabled APIs

Select the right project > Navigation Menu > ‘Google Maps Platform’ > ‘APIs’ > “Maps Elevation API should be listed under the Enabled APIs

To enable the Maps Elevation API for the project

Select the right project > Navigation Menu APIs & Services > Library Maps Section Click View All > Click Maps Elevation API Click Enable


Check on the error on Google Maps Platform #

Check on the error through the Monitoring and Reporting (Google Maps Metrics) on Google Maps Platform

The error will be shown in the form of Response Code Graphs which can be referred here.

The metric page will show three graphs – TrafficError, and Median Latency

Navigation Menu > Google Maps Platform > Metrics Select the right project Click dropdown and Select platform ‘Maps Elevation API’

Users can also customise by selecting the graph type (response code shown, credentials, etc.), the time period (starting from one hour up to 30 days) and the granularity (per second and per day) using the filter feature.

For each of the graph, there will be a table showing the response code class and this table can be customised as below

Data not imported, grid size too big #

The error is as follows;

‘Data not imported, grid size too big. Reduce the grid size so that points at intersection can be picked up for import.’

Cause(s) of the error #

1. Default grid size (1000 (major) x 1000 (minor)) is too big

Suggested solution for the error #

1. Increase the grid size

Go to ‘Grid size’ > Change the ‘Major Axis & Minor Axis grid size’ accordingly

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