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How to Indicate Topsoil Depth

What is Topsoil #

Topsoil is the outermost layer of soil which capable of growing and supporting vegetation. It is valuable resource due to its fertility. Stripping and reusing topsoil on construction projects is essential for proper reclamation of disturbed areas.

Topsoil Depth #

Topsoil depth in the software indicates the depth of stripped topsoil and it is considered only in DTM but not in Grid Method.

Go to:

  1. Open project >> Earthwork >> Input >> Boundary  (Create boundary)
  2. Boundary >> Spread Input >> Topsoil Depth (key in topsoil depth that needs to be stripped for that particular boundary) >> Click Analyse

Image 1 The above image indicates 100 mm depth of topsoil is stripped out of the area in the boundary (Zone 1)

Result #

Image 2 Topsoil Stripping Depth 0 mm

Image 3 Topsoil Stripping Depth 100 mm

As shown above, the earthwork calculation will be affected when the stripping topsoil is defined. “Topsoil Stripping Volume” shows the total volume of stripped topsoil as in image 3. The result can also be analysed by stating that total cut volume at stripped topsoil area (image 3) is less than zero stripped topsoil area (image 2) as the soil volume has been reduced by stripping activity and vice versa.  

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