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How to Import As- Built

Project file can refer here

Users might be required to gather the field data to serve the purpose of generating quantities for the state (ie: As-Built) to pay the contractors and to keep track of plan compliances. Therefore, in MiTS 2, users can save/import several survey point groups to serve this purpose. The most important part to highlight is that users will need to have two different survey point groups, the first one is the Base surface and another one is the Comparison surface.

The major difference between As-Built computation and usual platform computation, is mainly on the comparison surface. As-Built computation compares the As-Built Level to the OGL, while usual platform computation compares the platform level to the OGL.

Base surface #

Originally, we have one survey point group which represents our original ground level (OGL). In this project file, our “Survey Points 1” group represents our OGL.

The most crucial step is to make sure you select the correct base surface before you analyze the earthwork computation. To do so, you can go to;

Earthwork > Cut/Fill > Surface > Base: Choose your OGL points group from dropdown button

Comparison Surface #

The next step, a new As-Built Level survey point group should be imported together in the same project file. You shall receive the As-Built Level information from the contractor and import this level as a new survey point group in your project file. To do so, you can go to;

Main > Survey Points & Soil Info > Import Manage > ACAD/Text/LiDAR > Choose your file which consist of your As-Built Level

Now, we have our “Survey Points 2” group which represents our As-Built Level.

If we overlap these two survey point groups, the visual is as per image below.

And once again, please remember to make sure you select the correct comparison surface before you analyse the earthwork computation.You can go to;

Earthwork > Cut/Fill > Surface > Comparison: Choose your As-Built Level points group from dropdown button

Analyse #

Now, you can proceed to analyse your earthwork computation using any methods you prefer as any method will generate approximately the same result. If you encounter a huge difference of earthwork computation between each method, you can refer here on how to reduce the discrepancy between each method.

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