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Import CAD Toolbar

When user try to import entities from the CAD drawing, there is a CAD Toolbar function

Zoom In #

Clicking the “Zoom In” button will allow user to zoom in the drawing

Zoom Out #

Clicking the “Zoom In” button will allow user to zoom in the drawing

Zoom Window #

Zoom window can be use if user want to zoom in the specific part of the drawing


To begin, the user should click the ‘Zoom Window’ button. Then, click at the one corner of the rectangular window to which the user wishes to zoom in. As shown in the image below;

And then, the drawing will be zoom in at that specific window.

Zoom Extents / Zoom All #

This will zoom out or in to fit all of the objects in your drawing window to the edges of the screen so user can see the entire drawing.

Distance #

User may use this function to identify the units of the drawings


If user not sure either the drawing is in mm/meter/km. User may click at ‘Distance’ button and measure the distance that user want to know, as per example below

After that, the distance digital box will pop-up.

As shown in the example below, the length of the lot cannot be 48.7 mm, so we can conclude that the drawings are in meters because 48.7 m is more logical for the length of the lot than 48.7 km.

Scale Entities #

Scale entities can be used to scale the pdf drawing


User may use the the ‘Distance’ function first to identify the pdf scale first. As shown at the image below, the distance of the 5 m is 0.2567

Then, click at the ‘Scale Entities’ button. This pop-up dialog will appear

User need to input the Scale per 1 point and the Rotation degree if any. For this example, 5 m equal to 0.2567. Hence, to know the scale 0.2567/5 = 0.05. So user may insert 0.05 at the Scale value and click ‘OK’.

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