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Pump #

Click Add in Project View to create a new MSMA project. Choose Pump, select MSMA 2nd Edition and create the name of the project. Then, click Create.

Click this link for reference regarding Pump design (Benchmark of Pumping Station Design).

Rainfall Data #

  1. Determine the raingauge location
  1. Determine the ARI for minor and major event

Development Area #

  1. Determine the overland flow time length, slope and manning coefficient 
  1. Determine the drain time length and velocity
  1. Determine the development area and the runoff coefficient 
  1. Click on Calculate to proceed to Storage Sizing

Storage Sizing #

Estimate the pump sump storage and channel storage

Pump Design  #

The value in this section are suggested to be referred to whom related (ie manufacturer/M&E)

  1. Select the ARI
  1. Select the storm duration
  1. Determine the highest water level and the pumped water level
  1. Select the number of pump then click ‘Use’ button
  1. Choose the type of the pump

Pump Design can be added in the Parameter Settings 

“Options >> Project Parameters >> Det. Facility >> Pump Design”

  1. Determine the pump invert level configuration
  1. Click on Analyze for analysis

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