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Input Setting

Similar to the ACAD function where user can change the type and properties of line or text. MiTS 2 also has those features to give users a better software display.

If user want to make any changes, user may go to RHS tab and click on the Input Setting

The layers of the entity within the MiTS 2 software are contained in this “Input Setting.” Hence, user can change any entity from any module by going to the Input Setting tab.

Change Line or Text Type or Thickness #

User may go to the arrow button at the left side of the layers name to change the line/text type or thickness

Then, user may change the properties of the line or text as follows;

Once, user changes the properties user may see the changes directly

Change Colour #

When a user wants to change the colour of an entity, they may go to the layers user want to modify and then click the color’s box on the RHS. Then, users can either choose an already-existing colour or create a custom colour to be used.

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