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Change Slope Ratio

MiTS 2 gives users the option to modify the platform’s slope ratio to meet their needs and design. User also may refer to this user manual for reference

Basically, there are two ways to change the slope ratio.

Change Directly at The Platform #

Note: This solution only applies to existing platforms

1st Option: Platform Editor #

User may go to Earthwork Module > Input > Edit Platform > Double click at the selected platform

Then, ‘Platform Editor’ digital box will pop up

After changing the Cut/Fill Ratio column, user can click “OK.” In order to apply the modification, user may then regenerate the slope.

2nd Option: RHS Properties Tab #

Other than changes at the ‘Platform Editor’ dialog box user also can change the slope ratio at the Properties Tab at the RHS.

User may choose the platform user wish to modify, then click the RHS Properties tab. If user find that the RHS tab is missing user may go to ‘How to Restore Column Layout’ article.

Note: All platform edges will be affected by the changes. If user wants a different slope ratio at a certain edge, user can use the 1st Option: Platform Editor

Change in The Project Parameters #

Note: This solution is only applicable to newly formed platforms after changes have been made by the user

To change the Project Parameters user can go to Options > Project Parameters > Earthwork > Typical Slope

Press “OK” after finished making your modifications to the slope ratio. Then, these settings will be applied to the newly created platform.

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