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How to simulate roundabout in Road

  1. Open Road Module
  2. Import the survey points. (go to Input >> Survey Points & Soil Info>> Import Manage)
  3. Now, you will be working on ‘Road 2’ as per image shown below;                                 
  1. To create a roundabout, we will need to create a few IP points circling the roundabout. (please refer image below on how the IP point will be located)                               image00
  2. As per image shown above the IP is located around the roundabout and kindly note that the start and end point is located at the same point.
  3. Once all the IP points have been input, please go to horizontal alignment >> curve >> spread input

(please note that, you will need to change the design standard, design speed, design radius and the spiral length to suit the roundabout condition)

  1. Then, you can start design your vertical element

(please note that both start and end VIP points are the same, so you only need to define either one for closed road)

You can also refer to the video below

We provide an example of roundabout project here

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