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Designing Sediment Basin

Sediment Basin #

Click Add in Project View to create a new MSMA project. Choose Sed Basin, select MSMA 2nd Edition and create the name of the project. Then, click Create.

Select the type of the Sediment Basin by clicking the drop down list.

Basin Requirement #

Calculate basin requirement by inputting data in Basin Requirement tab.

  1. Input the catchment area.
  1. Input the overland sheet flow path length, slope, and manning coefficient to obtain the overland flow time of concentration.
  1. Click the “ Calculate” button to obtain the required area and volume.

Basin Sizing #

Calculate overall dimension of setting and sediment storage zone by inputting data in Basin Sizing tab.

  1. Settling Zone

a. Input settling depth, y1 (parameter: min. 0.6m)

b. Input average width, w1

c. Input average length, L1 by referring to the range proposed.

d. Click “ Calculate” to obtain average surface area, L 1/y1 ratio and L1/w1 ratio.

  1. Sediment Storage Zone

a. Select side slope (H):(V)

b. Input sediment storage depth, y2 based on the suggested minimum depth.

c. Click “ Calculate” to obtain the overall dimension of settling and sediment storage zone.

Outlet Design #

Design the outlet by inputting data in the Outlet Design tab.

  1. Outlet Pipe

a. Input outlet riser diameter.

b. Input diameter of each orifice.

c. Input number of orifice based on the suggested orifice required.

d. Obtain outlet riser discharge capacity, Qriser.

Result #

Click the “ Analyse” button to generate the result.

Click Textual Report, Summary Report, and Detailing tab to show the outcomes respectively.

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