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Why The Parameter Change For Peak Flow Not Applied?

In MiTS 2, users are allowed to adjust project parameters as they work on a project to meet their specific requirements. You can go to;

Options > Project Parameters

However, you need to take note that any new changes made in Project Parameters will only be applied to the newly input entities in the software. We will go through an example below to get a better view.

Example: Changing Peak Factor in Water Ret Module #

Initially, our peak flow factor has been set to 2.50 in the project parameter as shown per image below.

Next, we will create a new pipe in our project and we can check the peak factor at the Spread Input table. We can see that the node of the water pipe will have a peak factor of 2.50 as what has been set in the project parameters.

Then, let say, you wanted to change your peak factor for your project to be 1.20 and you change it in the project parameter.

If you check your spread input table, your peak factor is still 2.50 and did not change to 1.20.

Why does this happen? 

Because new changes made in project parameters will only be reflected on the newly input entity. To prove this point, let us now create a new pipe network as shown per image below and if we check the peak factor in the Spread Input table, only then the peak factor becomes 1.20.

Hence, this shows that new changes made in project parameters will not be reflected at the previously input pipe and will only be reflected on the newly input pipe. If you want to change your old pipe network (purple pipe in this example) to have a peak factor of 1.20, you will need to change it manually in the Spread Input table. Apart from that, you may also utilize the “Apply All” features. To do so, you can right click at any row that has your interest value (for example I right click at row 9) and click on “Apply All”.

Now, all peak flow has changed to the value of 1.20.

This behavior is applied to all modules available in MiTS 2.