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Reorder Slope

Reorder slope is used to regenerate the slope direction so that full berm will be located at the bottom part. An example is as below;


Full berm is located at the upper part of the slope

Steps to use Reorder Slope: 

1. The slope is as per image below

2. To create the Effective Platform, click on “Reorder Slope”

3. Then draw an effective slope within the platform.

4. The platform later will be generated as image below 

5. Click on “Generate Slope” again to generate a new slope, with the full berm located at the bottom part.

User may refer to “How to Solve Issue on Full Berm at the Top Part of the Slope in MiTS 2 (Reorder Slope Function)” blog post and video below for more info.

Previous slope feature  #

It is a feature implemented to allow the user to enable the ‘previous slope’ when there are amendments and require more modelling work. 

Refer to blogpost for more details: Previous Slope

Slope Start Level #

In MiTS 2, the user is given the option to customize the slope’s platform starting level. Its purpose is to provide more design flexibility.

User may go to Input > Platform > Double click the platform and this window will pop up.

The user may go to Slope Start Configuration of the chosen edge and set the slope starting level there by click the button.

There are three option

  1. Use Neighbour
    • The starting slope will automatically match the platform height
  2. Relative Height
    • User may input the offset value of the slope’s platform starting level
    • (-) negative value means lower from the platform level
    • (+) positive value means higher from the platform level
  1. Absolute Height
    • User will set the height of slope starting point
    • The software also displays the height of each edge point

Below is an example of how the slope begins below the platform level


If user double click at the selected platform and choose to edit it By Points, user still can find the Slope Start Configuration at the Edge Settings section

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