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How to create a Boundary for As-Built following Surface Boundary in Civil 3D?

The boundary feature in MiTS allows users to have the cut and fill volumes computed based on the zone.

This feature is very helpful when it involves defining the volumes according to the as-built area, especially when the area needs to replicate the surface area in Civil 3D for quantitative studies.

The surface boundary that needs to be replicated in MiTS

Step 1: Activating Snap Mode and Text Display Setting #

To easily identify which points will be connected to create the boundary, activate the Text Display Settings that will provide the z elevations of the points as in the Civil 3D file.

Text Display Setting #

  1. Main tab > Go to Survey Points & Soil Info Section > Click on Edit > Go to Right-Hand-Side Properties Grid
  1. Ensure that the Active Surveyor Point Group selected is correct > Text Display Setting, change Show Value from No to Yes

Snap mode #

  1. At the Right-Hand-Side Grid, go to the Drawing tab > Click on Snap > Select the Object Snap Modes > Click OK

Step 2: Creating Boundary #

In this step, create a boundary connecting from one point to another following the connection in the Civil 3D file as below.

Go to Earthwork > Click Boundary > Click once on the Input Screen > The cursor will go into input mode > Start creating the boundary by clicking the points one by one

Example of boundary created following the surface in Civil 3D

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