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How to Assign Survey Points to Another Group

In MiTS 2, we can reassign the survey points to a different group. This feature allows the users to hide only selected survey points. It is also helpful when users want to make survey points invisible in certain areas of their project.

Version of MiTS used: MiTS

Step to assign survey points to another group #

  1. Make sure to click “Edit” in the “Survey Points & Soil Info” panel.

  1. To assign the survey points to a different group, the user will need to select the points > Right click > Click “Move selected points to another group”

  1. Then the user will be given the choice to create the group as per the image below. Then, click “OK” after the user has selected which group the survey points will be assigned to.

  1. The selected survey points will be moved to a different group.

Original group of selected survey pointAssigned group of selected survey point

You can refer below for the full step-by-step to assign survey points to another group.

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