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How to Start Slope at a Certain Level?

In MiTS 2. users can customise the starting level of the slope in their project. This can provide users with more design flexibility. So how can users start the slope at a certain level?

Platform Editor #

Users may go to the platform editor to adjust the slope starting level. To go to the platform editor, users may go to Input > Platform ‘x’ > Double-click platform ‘x’. Users may also click the ‘‘ button in the ‘Height’ column of the spread input tab.

This platform editor window will pop up. Users can adjust the slope starting level of the chosen edge by clicking the ‘‘ button in the ‘Slope Start Configuration’ column.

Wall Height Editor #

The ‘Wall Height Editor’ window will pop up. There are three options for users to choose from.

Use Neighbour #

  • The slope starting point will automatically match the platform height = 45m

Cut Section 3
Cut Section 4

Relative Height #

  • The input value is an offset value from the platform level
  • (-) negative value: Slope starting point = Platform level minus input value [C1 = 45 – 3 = 42m], [C4 = 45 – 4 = 41m]
  • (+) positive value: Slope starting level = Platform level add input value
  • As shown in the 3D view and cut section view, the slope starting point is the negative input value minus from the platform level which is 41m and 42m where both points are lower than the platform level (45m)

Cut Section 3
Cut Section 4

Absolute Height #

  • The slope starting point is set by the user
  • The height of each edge point also be displayed
  • As shown in the 3D view and cut section view, the slope starting point is set below the platform level (45m) which are 40m and 42m

Cut Section 3
Cut Section 4

Note: Users can also adjust the slope starting point if they click ‘By Edges’. The steps are the same as the above steps.

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