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How to Export IFC file  #

MiTS 2 allow users to export files to IFC files to be used with BIM software. 


  1. Go to MiTS main button 
  2. Click ‘BIM export’
  1. Select entity to be exported and click OK to save your IFC file

If the user notices that some of the boxes above are grey and the user is unable to tick the box. If the user directs to that box, there is a prompt to enable IFC 4×1 as per image below.

To do so, the user must modify the IFC compatibility. User may refer to IFC file Schema Version to change IFC version.

IFC file Schema Version  #

Currently, in MiTS 2, the available schema versions are IFC 4 and IFC 4×1. 

To change; go to Options > Project Parameters > Compatibility 

To export IFC file with Tracing Drawing and Road user need to make sure that IFC Schema Version is Ifc4x1.

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