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How to Troubleshoot a Missing Dongle

This article is for the dongle users. If you are using a cloud license, please follow this blogpost.

What to do when your dongle suddenly cannot be used? When you launched MiTS software, a message on ‘Hardlock missing’ popped up like image below;

Image 1: Image 1: Hardlock missing

There are few scenarios that could lead to this situation which are; 

  • USB port error
  • After update software version
  • Hardlock is spoil 
  • Activation timer package has expired

So when this happens, we have ways for you to troubleshoot it first to get MiTS software to run while waiting for the MES Technical Team to assist.

Solution 1: Change your USB port #

When this happens, the first thing that you need to do is to change the location of the USB port for the dongle. Try to plug in the dongle into a different USB port and launch MiTS  software.

When there is an issue with the USB port used, changing USB port will help to solve the issue.  However, If the issue still persists, please go to Solution 2.

Solution 2: Restart your machine #

Unplug your dongle and restart your machine. Once the machine restarted, plug in the dongle back and launch MiTS software. Usually after updating MiTS to the latest version, it will cause the dongle unable to launch the software and restarting the machine usually helps.

However, If the issue still persists, please go to Solution 3.

Solution 3: Test your dongle using ‘usertest.exe’ #

You will need to test your dongle whether it is detectable or not. When the dongle can be detected means there is nothing wrong with the dongle and if it is not then the dongle may be problematic.

To do so, you will need to use usertest.exe. *you can get the usertest.exe here

How to use usertest? 

  • Download and run the usertest.exe
  • And click ‘Test’ to test the dongle whether it can be detected or not

1. Dongle can be detected 

  • When the dongle can be detected it will show the dongle details;

Image 2: Usertest – dongle detected and show dongle details

  • So if this is the case, and you still cannot run/launch your MiTS software,
  • You may need to install the ‘dongle driver’ *see solution 4

2. Dongle cannot be detected

  • And if the dongle cannot be detected, it will show ‘Failed to enumerate device!;

Image 3: Dongle is not detected – show ‘Failed to enumerate device!’

  • If this happened, there are 2 possibilities; your dongle may be spoil or you need to install the ‘dongle driver’ *see solution 4


Solution 4: Install dongle driver #

Starting from MiTS 2.8.x.x and above, you will require Elite Driver and you may retrieved it from below; 

  1. Elite Driver here 
  2. Elite Driver here  (use version if version does not work on your machine)

After installation, you will need to rerun the Usertest.exe again to check if your dongle is detectable or not. Once the dongle is able to be detected, try to launch MiTS software. 

However, if all solutions above are tried and your dongle is still undetected and cannot launch MiTS software, there is a high chance that your dongle is spoiled and will need a replacement.

Solution 5: Contact Technical Support #

Please contact MES Technical Team at 03 – 5885 1250 or email to support@mes100.com for further assistance.

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