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MiTS 2 How to Load Tracing File with different Base Point

Issue #

Tracing file loaded from ACAD does not superimpose with the existing drawing in the software.

Reason #

This happens due to different base point of ACAD drawing and the drawing in the software.

Example #

Project Attached here

Drawing of the first phase here

Drawing of the second phase here


Image 1 First phase of a project

Image 1 is the first phase of a project. New areas are to be added in the project as in image 2.


Image 2 New areas of the second phase

Step #

  1. Open existing project
  2. Import the tracing file of the second phase
  3. Tracing file does not superimpose with the existing entities as in image 3. This is mainly because of different base point between the original drawing and the second phase drawing.

Image 3 Imported tracing file does not superimpose with the original drawing/survey point

Solution #

  1. In order to adjust the drawing to be superimposed with the existing drawing, users may set a same reference point for both drawings.
  2. Define a reference point in the original drawing. For example, a small circle located at the far right at the boundary is taken as reference point.image8

Image 4 Small circle at far right of the boundary is chosen to be reference point

3. Load in the original drawing by clicking “Load” and find the coordinate of that particular point. The  coordinate can be determined by dragging the cursor or click at that point and the coordinate will be stated in the bottom tab.


Image 5 See bottom tab to determine the coordinate (Reference point coordinate 553241, 583130)

4. Use “Move” function to move the drawing to an origin which coordinate is (0,0).

5. Click “Move” and tick all the entities. Then type in (-555.241, -583.130) in order to move the drawing to a new location which the new reference is at (0,0).

*Note that the value inserted is distance, not in coordinate

Click Move > Tick all entities > Click OK > Type -555.241, -583.130 distance > Press Enter


Image 6 Use “Move” function and tick all entities to move the whole drawing

6. The drawing includes all of the surveyor points and other entities are moved to a new location with the reference point at origin.


Image 7 Reference point at coordinate (0,0)

7. For the second phase drawing, click “Load” and select the second drawing.

8. The second phase drawing is not yet superimposed with the existing surveyor points. (refer image 3)

9. To move the second phase drawing, click “Origin” and click the same reference point in order to set the reference point at origin as well.


Image 8 Move the reference point to origin by clicking “Origin” at Tracing Tab

10. The second phase drawing is moved to the new location with reference point at origin and superimpose with the existing platform and survey point as shown in image below.


Image 9 Second drawing phase is superimposed with the existing entities

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