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Calculating earthwork quantity on per soil profile layer basis

Users are now able to separate out the earthwork quantity for on soil profile layer basis. Consultants might be required to do that on “tricky” terrain and soil profile, because different soil layers can incur different excavation costs. This feature will allow them to better estimate and control the excavation costs. 

Note that this new feature is currently available in MiTS 2 Earthwork Grid Method. We plan to also incorporate this feature in DTM and end area method in the near-future upcoming versions of the program. 

See our Earthwork User Manual on how to input different soil layers in Earthwork and how to separate out the earthwork quantity accordingly by using Grid Method; 

How to input ‘Rock’ layer 

How to calculate rock quantity in Grid Method  

Soil Profile Interpolation Method 

You may also refer to our latest video on ‘Soil Profile Layer in 3D View’

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