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MiTS Earthwork self verification and verification with Civil 3D

Calculation of cut and fill volume can be obtained via 3 methods in MiTS 2;  #

The three methods are; 

  1. DTM (Digital Terrain Method), 
  2. The Grid Method and
  3. The End Area Method 


In this blog post, we will show on how to calculate cut and fill volume for each method and also on how to do data checking for each method. 

It will be divided into two parts; 

Part 1; MiTS 2 – Earthwork Calculation Method and How to do TIN checking for DTM  #



Part 2; How to check result for Grid Method and End Area Method  #


Calculation between MiTS 2 Software and Civil 3D;  #

Comparison between MiTS 2 earthwork volume is also carried out in Civil 3D.

In the video, user will see that in order to have precise comparison, alpha setting in MiTS 2 will need to be tune in to match / to get the best fit of survey point boundary between MiTS 2 and Civil 3D.

This is to ensure an Apple-to-Apple comparison between MiTS 2 and Civil 3D is done. 

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