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How to create taper road in MES Road

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In this blogpost, we will show users how to add a taper road to the most outest carriageway for both MiTS 2 and MES Road.

For MiTS 2 #

Sample project file can be found here
*Note: In this project file, the most outest carriageway is “Carriageway4”

  • Click on ‘+’ sign under the Spread Input
  • Under New Road Offset, change the ID to ‘Carriageway4’ and change the number of sub-rows to 4. Then click Add > OK
  • Now the carriageway will be divided into sections of equal-spacing chainage which you can easily change the width to create a taper road. Example is shown in the image below.

For MES Road #

Sample file can be found here.

At Road Width, try to add taper road to the most outest carriage way ( in this case, it is “carriageway 3”):

  • Click on the + sign
  • Change the ID to carriageway 3, change the number of row to 4. Then click “Add”, then click “OK”
  •  Now your carriageway 3 is divided into 4 section with equal-spacing chainage. So you can easily vary the width according to chainage position.

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