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Independent Gradient of Slope and Berm Drain

Slope gradient and berm drain gradient is flexible and can be assigned independently in MiTS 2. This is an enhancement over MITS 1, whereby the berm drain gradient is limited with one part of 1:1 gradient and another part follows the slope gradient. 

Berm Drain Gradient Based on Old Method (MiTS 1, MiTS and below)  #

Berm drain gradient with old interface has two parts. Slope of the first part connecting to the berm is 1:1 gradient with 0.3 m distance fixed, while another part which connects to the slope will follow the cut/fill gradient. 

This is applied to MiTS 1 and below MiTS Therefore if the project from those mentioned versions is brought forward to MiTS and above, users can have the option to maintain the previous behaviour or to implement the new enhancement, where users can have more flexibility of changing the dimension of berm drain.

If the previous behaviour is to be maintained, click on “Options > Project Parameters > Earthworks > Typical Slope > Legacy V Drain Dimension > Tick > Click OK”. Bear in mind, this is applied only for the compatibility purpose between old and new projects. 

Berm Drain Gradient with New Function for New Platform  #

To assign gradient of the berm drain for NEWLY created platform, click on “Options > Project Parameter > Earthworks > Typical Slope > Untick the Legacy V Drain Dimension (if this is not unticked)”

Then, scroll down for Cut Slope and Fill Slope section to choose the drain type. If the V Slope Drain is chosen, dimension or the gradient can be assigned. The dimension then will be implemented towards the new platform. 

Berm Drain Gradient with New Function for Existing Platform #

Users are not able to change the dimension of the berm drain of existing platform by using Parameter Settings in the Options. To change the dimension of existing platform, double click on the platform till Platform Editor appears. 

To change the dimension of the berm drain, choose Slope Out Cut Drain/Slope Out Fill Drain/Slope In Drain based on the slope direction. Then, click on the three dots to  change the dimension. 


Then proceed to Generate Slopes as usual to view the cut sections. 


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