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Customization of the indication levels at all long section and cross-section

In the latest version of MiTS 2 (starts from, all long sections and cross section are now available for ‘customize the indication of levels’. 

This level of customization is applicable for X-interval and Y-interval. 

The levels can be edited at the project parameters and it is per module basis.

Earthwork – Cut section #

For example, X Detail Interval Level is 20m and Elevation Detail Interval Level is 4m.

Road – Cross section #

For example, Offset Distance is 10m and Elevation Interval is 5m.

Drainage – Long section #

For example please refer Drainage’s  user manual here

Water reticulation – Long section #

For example please refer Water Reticulation’s  user manual here

Sewerage – Long section #

For example please refer Sewerage’s  user manual here

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