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Culvert Design

Table of Contents

Culvert #

Click Add in Project View to create a new MSMA project. Choose Culvert Design, select MSMA 2nd Edition and create the name of the project. Then, click Create.

Manual, benchmark and other related documents of Culvert are linked to our blog. Click links below for reference.

1. Culvert Design According to MSMA 2 in MiTS 2

2. Benchmark of Equations for Pipe and Box Culvert

3. Graphs and Equations Used in Culvert Design

Culvert Input #

  1. Determine the duration
  1. Determine the ARI
  1. Determine the raingauge location
  1. Determine the catchment area
  1. Determine the runoff coefficient
  1. Click on “Analyze” for the analysis

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