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LW+: Pressure Reducing Valve calculation

Project example here

Let’s say we take Pipe 17 (Node 16 to Node 22) as an example.

Before applying any valve, the residual pressure at Node 22 is 89.14m (can refer to image 1). After applying PRV at Pipe 17 with a pressure =30m, when analyzed, the NEW residual pressure at node 22 is 30m. Means, when applying PRV at pipe 17, the software will ensure the pressure at the end node of this valve (node 22) is not above the configured pressure. 

But what happened at the rest of the nodes connected to Pipe 17 after Node 22 (Node 28 & Node 29)?

The rest of the nodes that come after the valve is applied, will have their residual pressure to be reduced by the difference of the original and the new residual pressure at Node 22 (89.14m – 30m = 59.14m).


Image 1: Residual pressure without PRV at Pipe 17
*apply PRV at Pipe 17 (Node 16 to Node 22), pressure = 30m
Image 2: Residual pressure with a PRV (pressure =30m) at Pipe 17

Residual pressure at;

  1. Node 22 = 30m (because the pressure value set was to 30m) 
  2. Node 28 = 85.58m – 59.14m = 26.44m 
  3. Node 29 = 87.58 – 59.14m = 28.44m 

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