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MES Internship Experience

My journey as an intern at MES Innovation was both educational and fulfilling. From day one, the team was friendly and supportive, making me feel like an essential part of the company. This welcoming and encouraging environment was the basis of my positive internship experience. 

One of the most significant experiences of my internship was the exposure to the specialized CAD software of the company, which enhanced the work of engineers in civil engineering. I had the chance to contribute to the development of several aspects of the application. From improving the user interface experience to working with the specific logic behind or even writing unit tests to ensure the overall quality of the product and the development process, these hands-on experiences helped me gain a deeper understanding of software development, problem-solving, and best practices in the industry. Furthermore, being exploited in multiple aspects allows me to become a more versatile software engineer while performing in depth with the .NET C# programming language itself. 

Throughout my internship, the guidance and mentorship I received were invaluable. For the first few weeks, I was instructed to develop tools that are valuable to the team. By making these tools, I got to learn the best practices for writing clean code and the skill of version control with Git and Sourcetree. These baby steps make me feel included in the project while also getting better for the upcoming challenges. After that, I was challenged with the first task in the main application, and for the first time, I understood how the codebase of the real-world projects differed from what I learned in school. However, with the help of my seniors and team leads at the company, I could overcome any challenges I encountered. Their expertise in the software engineering field not only helps me overcome the challenges but also gives me valuable knowledge and experience in the field. 

The work culture at MES Innovation was exceptional. The emphasis on teamwork, open communication, and a commitment to excellence was inspiring. I felt comfortable sharing my ideas and opinions, and my contributions were genuinely appreciated. 

Hence, if you’re keen on entering the software engineering field or have a particular interest in developing desktop applications, I wholeheartedly recommend MES Innovation. Expect to be consistently challenged and continue learning throughout your journey, as this will aid your growth and skill development with the guidance of experienced colleagues at the company.

Khang Pham, intern from AIESEC’s recommendation

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