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Students now can get an one-off free three-months educational license full access to MiTS software.


Applicants must be students who are currently enrolled in an educational institution, and who need the MiTS software for education purposes. Applicants must have the support of lecturers to qualify.

How to apply?

In order to apply, complete the Registration Form below and use your institution email address. Note that for students, you must find a lecturer or your dean who is willing to support you in the application process.

Please email to support@mes100.com with the documents listed as follow:

  1. Registration Form (pdf)
  2. Copy of Student and Lecturer Identification Card (jpeg, png, pdf)

Request for Extension of Time

The student license is a one-off thing, lasting 3 months. For renewal, lecturers should talk to our sales at support@mes100.com to discuss about the purchase of MiTS academic license for the institution at a very favorable price.

We may grant the privilege to renew the FREE Education licenses for the students for another 3 months, depending on the outcome of the above discussion.

Free Training Session

We have a great news for user under free student educational license! We’re happy to announce that you’re also entitled to join our training session for free. This session is a fantastic way to get the most out of our software. It’s important to note that users must first register for our free educational license before they can join our training session. Once you’ve successfully registered for the license, you’ll need to fill in the training form here and send it to support@mes100.com.

Support and entitlement for students

You are entitled for:

  1. Our monthly training ( see our website for more information)
  2. Receiving support in the case if you think that the software is behaving wrongly ( i.e.: bugs) via email
  3. Request features that you feel is useful. Do write us an email explaining why it’s useful to you ( and to others!) and we will consider them seriously

Due to our resource constraint, we regret that we can’t extend our normal phone and software usage support to student license holders. But we have quite a comprehensive knowledge base that will be able to solve most of the usage queries.

I am a lecturer, can I get MiTS for teaching and lab purposes?

Yes! We do offer an Academic license for colleagues and universities, at a discount from our commercial pricing. Contact us at support@mes100.com for more info.

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