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How to Generate Multiple Tier of Retaining Structure Using Auto Slope Command

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Retaining walls are the structures used for supporting the lateral pressure from the soil and are constructed almost vertical. When the height of the retaining walls are too high the soil pressure may exert and are built in multi tier of retaining walls.

Retaining Structure in MiTS #

Retaining structures in MiTS will be indicated in the cut section and keyplan. The structure can be created as a straight retaining wall or in a combination of retaining structure and slope. The steps can be referred to from the Earthworks manual Retaining Walls & Slope Combination

However, if you are creating multiple tiers of retaining structure, you need to model it by configuring the slope ratio. Follow the steps below.

Multiple tiers of Retaining Structure #

  1. Open the Platform Editor by double clicking the platform
  2. Change the cut/fill ratio. 

3. If 0 is specified in the cut/fill ratio, it will be redefined based on the minimum value (default 0.001) in the Parameter Settings for computation purposes, so that the slope generation can proceed and multiple tier retaining walls can be simulated. 

The minimum cut/fill ratio can be adjusted in “Options > Project Parameter > Earthworks > Kernel > Minimum cut/fill ratio

4. See cut section

Multiple tier of retaining wall is simulated

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