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Development drawing can be superimposed on MiTS-Earthworks by using Tracing features. The tracing is automatically loaded in MiTS-Earthworks after the surveyor drawing is successfully imported. Tracing layers can be selectively turned ‘On’ or ‘Off’. Object snapping ability which will ease the input of platforms.

Object Snapping #

Object snapping settings can be called out by clicking on the ‘Snap’ button. Click once on the ‘Input’ screen to activate snapping.

Before tracing, the screen shows all the surveyor points generated from import.

After tracing, surveyor drawing is superimposed on the surveyor points.


Users can turn ‘On’ or ‘Off’ the snapping function b y pressing the ‘F3’ button at the keyboard or clicking ‘Snap (F3)’ at the left down corner of the application.

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