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Exporting a 3D view in the.dwg/.dxf format

Open 3D view > click export > save as type > for example ‘.dwg’

Open the file and you may see something like below:

Users may not see the same 3D view as in MiTS 2  because by default, when you open a drawing it will be in ‘2D wireframe’ view mode.

To be able to view in the same manners as in MiTS 2 software, users will need to change from ‘2D Wireframe’ view to ‘Realistic’ view.

To change this, click at ‘2D Wireframe’ and select ‘Realistic’ OR for more further reference you may also refer video credit from YouTube below; 

Once the mode is change to ‘Realistic’, user will have the same 3D view as below when open:

When comparing with 3D view from MiTS 2, the same view can be obtained;

Thus, now 3D view not only can be exported into image but in dwg/dxf format.

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