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How to check the exported DWG Invert Level (IL) and X,Y coordinates from 3D view is preserved?

Export DWG from 3D view here


  1. Open drawing in AutoCAD / Civil 3D
  2. Select one drain (i.e: drain 43), 
  3. Details of Drain 43;
  • Invert Level = 21.871m 
  • Node 16 coordinates (X.Y) = 351.191m, 246.260m

When doing comparison, the values are the same.

How to check the coordinates in Civil 3D / AutoCAD  #

Reference made from Autodesk Knowledge Network :- To Display the Coordinates of a Point

Checking of coordinates is based on the reference above. 

Here are some tips on how to check the coordinates in Civil 3D.

1. Open drawing (i.e: only show drain layer)

2. Select one drain ( to get better view, user can zoom using the full navigation wheel)

3. Command ‘ID’ and pick a point that user want to identify the X,Y and Z coordinates

4. Now the X,Y and Z coordinates are known.

Conclusion  #

The values between MiTS and exported DWG are the same. Hence this can be concluded that the coordinates X,Y and Z are preserved

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