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Reordering Drain/Pipe Number and Nodes

Importance of Reordering Drain/Pipe Number and Nodes #

The renumbering of the pipe or drain may be disorganized because the user may add or remove drains or pipe during the designing stage. Users can utilise this feature to ensure that the numbering of the entity is well-organized. This feature enables users to renumber pipes and drains in accordance with the flow from higher to lower ground.

Steps to Reordering Drain/Pipe Number and Nodes #

After user select either Drain, Water or Sewer Module. In the Input windows, there is an Action Tab

Renumber Node #

  • The software will reorder the number of nodes from the beginning point to the end of the network in accordance with node ground level and flow.
  • The difference can refer below

The most noticeable change is that node 8 has been renumbered to node 12. It’s because that node is at the very end of the entity system. As a result, it’s been renumbered from node 8 to node 12.

Renumber Edge #

  • This feature allows user to reorder back the number of Sewer Pipe
  • Renumbering occur along direction of flow

Reorient Edge #

  • Will determined whether the renumbering will be based on the Ground Level (GL) or Invert Level (IL)
  • User may choose either GL or IL and click “OK”

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