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Previous Slope Feature

What is ‘previous slope’?  #

It is a feature implemented to allow the user to enable the ‘previous slope’ when there are amendments and requires more modeling work. When a user makes some changes to the modeling, the slopes generated previously will be erased ( because the slopes are considered as not updated and he needs to regenerate the slopes to get updated results). Hence this ‘previous slope’ will capture the slopes that were there previously so that the user has a reference on it.

Hence, by having this feature, it is easier for users to draw a ‘reorder’ platform in order to be able to generate slopes with complete berm at the bottom area. 

The ‘previous slope’ can be used as a ‘tracing’ when the user wants to define an effective reorder platform. Effective reorder platform is important for an accurate reference line to generate the full berm at the bottom area and incomplete berm on the upper side.

How does this work?  #

When new modelling is made i.e new platforms created, all the slopes generated will be reset which leave users with nothing to refer to. 

Hence by setting YES to the previous slope, users can use it as a ‘tracing’ to draw an effective ‘reorder’ platform.

Next go to reorder slope;

Create the new ‘reorder’ slope by using the previous slope as a tracing and you will have ‘a platform inside a platform’;

Lastly, re-generate your platform!

You will get from this; 

To this; 

Project file here 

Version; MiTS 

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