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Beware of fake MES representatives!

MES Innovation Sdn Bhd is the leading local Infrastructure Software Company, with four directors: Ngu Soon Hui ( IC:811012136095), Bryan Ewe Teik Tsia ( IC: 830514-08-5623 ),  David Ting Sie Kiew (IC: 690511-13-5611), and Richard Ting Sie Lee (IC: 701113-13-5131).

Throughout these years, our user base has been steadily growing, and so is our software quality. Currently our flagship product is MiTS 2. We are thankful that a lot of our users are willing to stick with us, and grow with us.

Our director board is consistent throughout the years, and none of us ever left the company. Likewise, there is only one MiTS software, and it is solely sold by MES Innovation Sdn Bhd. We are the sole software developer, marketer of the MES products since the beginning until now.

However, recently we were being reliably informed that some irresponsible parties try to sow confusion in the hearts and minds of our users, by claiming that MES has split, and as a result, new companies have been formed to compete with MES. We would like to clarify that this is not the case, and that none of the other competing software companies are originated from any of us.

Not only that, we were also being reliably informed that there were some parties making fake claims that they were representing us, but in fact, they were not. We resent such behavior.

IMPORTANT! Please contact our Managing Director, Bryan Ewe Teik Tsia (0163384033) for clarification and if you have further queries regarding MES or MES software, in order to protect your interest.

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