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MiTS 2

MiTS 2 was designed and developed with a new user interface which eases user more and reduces time-consuming in modeling project. Efficient and user-friendly at the same time.

Some of the main features implemented in MiTS 2;

  • More integrated User Interface
  • The speed of modeling and analysis results increased by 80%

1. Earthworks 

  • Earthworks cut/fill with 3D Visualization
  • Line, Curve & Arc Platform
  • Auto sloping & berm generation with different cut/fill ratio for each platform
  • Auto retaining walls location identification
  • Auto-generate longitudinal sections
  • As-built platform (Platform as OGL)
  • Auto propose platform elevation based on surrounding level (infill)
  • 3D platform level view and 3D contour view
  • 2D cut/fill area view with meshing

2. Road & Highway

  • Complied with ATJ 8/86, AASTHO & REAM Guidelines
  • Road & highway design
  • Auto generate road side drain
  • Auto calculate cut/fill areas & volumes
  • Auto generate superelevation transitions
  • AC/DC lane
  • Auto curve widening
  • Junction design
  • Auto generate cross section output & all information needed for submission
  • Setting outlines details
  • Vertical detailing
  • 3D proposed road elevation view

3. Drainage 

  • Complied with MSMA/SUStoM
  • Drain line & drain catchment import
  • Drain real dimension on key plan
  • Multiple separated drain networks & drainage outlet
  • One sump multiple outflows
  • Culvert design
  • Auto calculate rainfall intensities, gradient & invert level
  • Auto generate longitudinal section and quantity take off


  • Complied with MSMA/SUStoM
  • Contain major urban storm water design such as Rainfall, IDF, OSD, Det. Pond, Det. Drain, RWH & Sediment Basin
  • Locate nearest raingauge location by either click on the map or insert GPS coordinates
  • Synchronization with Drainage & EW platform
  • Multiple pond design (parallel)
  • Secondary outlet as weir & riser
  • Auto generate report & graphical outputs for authority submission

5. Sewerage 

  • Complied with SPAN Guideline
  • Sewer line import from CAD drawing
  • Longitudinal section with drop manhole (Auto/User-Defined)
  • Adjustable material thickness on per pipe type basis partial flow/full flow design
  • Old & new pipe design
  • Auto propose pipe diameter, gradient, IL & drop manhole
  • Auto generate longitudinal section & quantity take off
  • Force main design
  • Auto generate report & graphical outputs for authority submission

6. Water Reticulation 

  • Complied with SPAN Guideline
  • Water line import from CAD drawing
  • Multiple separated water reticulation & tapping points
  • Looping and branching design peak flow & fire flow
  • Real dimension of water pipe on key plan
  • Pump & valve design
  • Identify critical node in water reticulation network
  • Auto generate report & graphical outputs for authority submission








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