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PondCAD is a IDF, On Site Detention(OSD), Detention Pond, Sediment Basin and Rainwater Harvesting Analysis, Design and Detailing software. It uses the latest computing technologies to provide a computational environment that is both user friendly, simple, fast and efficient.

PondCAD is designed and developed for the engineers by the engineers. It comes with a rich and practical set of features that includes, but not limited to the following:

  • Contains major designs such as Rainfall IDF, On-site detention (above and below ground), Detention Pond, Rainwater Harvesting Tank Design complies to MSMA 1st & 2nd Edition & Sediment Basin.
  • Interactive input with the latest GUI technology.
  • Covers Rainfall IDF, Time Area Method and Rational Method, Level Pool Routing, Pond Sizing with detailing and Outlets design.
  • Complies with Malaysia Urban Stormwater Management Manual First and Second Edition (MSMA 1st & 2nd Edition) guideline.
  • Auto generates report and graphical outputs with all information needed by Authority Malaysia, JPS.
  • Auto generates water level profile and quantity take-off.

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