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MES Infra Integrated Total Solution. It uses the latest computing technologies to provide a computational environment that is both users friendly, simple, fast and efficient.

MiTS is designed and developed for the engineers by the engineers. It comes with a rich and practical set of features that includes, but not limited to the following:

  • Integrates and synchronises design changes across a single model and automatically update between Earthworks, Storm Drainage System, Sewerage System, Water Reticulation System and Road Design.
  • Pipe Clash Checking between Water, Sewerage and Storm Drainage systems to resolve conflicts.
  • Deliver consistent multi-disciplinary design calculation, drawings and construction documentation.
  • Better visualization, more accurate design and enjoys better coordinations.
  • MiTS has integrated the modules below:

1. Road & Highway

  • i) Horizontal alignment design.
  • ii) Vertical alignment design.
  • iii) Pavement design.
  • iv) Superelevation transitions.
  • v) Junctions and roundabouts.

2. Earthworks

  • i)Surveyor points import.
  • ii) 3D visualization before and after development.
  • iii) Digital Terrain Method & Grid Method.
  • iv) Auto sloping & berm generation.
  • v) Auto generates cut sections, cut/fill report, volume & quantity take-off.

3. Drainage

  • i) Auto captures catchment area, IDF intensity & runoff coefficient.
  • ii) Auto generates long. Sections & quantity take off.
  • iii) Auto proposes sump invert level, cascading drain, dimension & gradient.

4. Urban Stormwater Management (MSMA 1st & 2nd Edition)

  • i) Rainfall IDF.
  • ii) On-site detention (above & below ground).
  • iii) Detention pond.
  • iv) Rainwater harvesting tank.
  • v) Sediment basin.

5. Sewerage

  • i) Auto calculates Population Equivalent (PE).
  • ii) Auto propose pipe diameter, gradient, invert level & drop manhole.
  • iii) Auto generates long. Sections.

6. Water Reticulation

  • i) Hardy-Cross method & Hazen Williams formula.
  • ii) Looping & branching design for peak flow & fire flow.
  • iii) Auto calculates water demand.
  • iv) Auto iteration for the most economical pipe diameter.
  • v) Auto generates long. Section.
  • vi) Schematic diagram with pump, hydrant, valve, etc.

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