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Provided below are the guidelines to use the Title Block feature in continuity from our ANNOUNCEMENT recently. Currently, we provide you the title block support for Road Cross Section, Road Horizontal and Vertical Detailing and Earthworks Cut Section.  



  1. Number of Layouts Viewport in a Title Block

“Options > Project Parameters > Road > Detailing > Viewports > Cross Sections > CAD Layout > CutSection #”

 Image 1 Number of cut sections is changed to 9

Number of layout viewports in a title block can be adjusted to 1, 2, 4, 6 and 9. Diagram below is the example of 9 viewports in a layout.

Image 2 Nine layout viewports are arranged in a title block

Number of layout settings are applied to new and existing roads. 


2. Change the scale of layout for Existing Road 

If some of the cut sections are not fully shown or overlapping between items as per Image 2, you may want to change the number of layout viewports as steps above as it will affect the display space. Another workaround that can be done is to change the scale of ACAD. 

For existing road, users have to change the scale in the Input (not in the Parameter Settings)

“Cross Sections > RHS Properties Tab > 1:X and 1:Y scale”

Image 3 Change the scale in input for existing road 

Image 4 Output scale is adjusted according to the settings

3. Change the scale of layout for New Road

Users may change the ACAD scale in the Parameter Settings for new road

“Options > Project Parameters > Road > Detailing > Viewports > Cross Section > Scale > Click OK”

 Image 5 Scale settings for new road

Above settings in the Project Parameter will only affect the new created road. 



For horizontal and vertical detailing  also works the same as the cross section, whereby the Scale Settings in the Project Parameters will only be applied to new roads and input settings will affect the existing road. 

Below are the parameter settings for the NEW ROAD

“Options > Project Parameters > Road > Detailing > Viewports > Detailing”

Image 6 Parameter settings of scale for new road

For a new road, the settings are always in the Parameter Settings, while for the EXISTING ROAD, the adjustment can be done in the input. 

“Define Window Viewports tab  > Spread Input”

Image 7 Scale of existing road can be adjusted in the input spread input

Diagram below is the output for the horizontal and vertical detailing. The scale and the length of the road are based on the scale and the viewports defined in the input. 

Image 8 Horizontal and Vertical Detailing output


The settings for Earthworks cut sections title block is pretty much the same as in Road cross sections. Number of layout and scale settings are also available in Earthworks module. Number of layout settings are in Project Parameter Settings and will be applied to new and existing modelling, while Scale settings for new and existing modelling have to be adjusted in Project Parameters and Input setting, respectively.