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Project file: Viewport Scale Sample Project file 

(Version used in sample project file 2.7.4)

Exported Drawing Sample: 

  1. EW Cut Section All in m here
  2. EW Cut Section in mm here
  3. Road Cross Section All in m here
  4. Road Cross Section in mm here

The scale factor of a view in a layout viewport represents a ratio between the actual size of the model displayed in the viewport and the size of the layout. 

Reference from Autodesk Support and Learning: 

About Scaling Views in Layout Viewports

About Layout Viewports

When title block drawing is imported into MiTS 2, viewports layout will be available for the batch section and these viewport layouts will be mapped to A1/A3 paper in printing.

(currently MiTS 2 only supports A1/A3 paper size) 

Layout viewports are objects that display views of model space. You create, scale, and place them in paper space on a layout.

Let’s say the horizontal scale is 1:200. Hence when measurement is taken in the viewport it is actually measured as 1 mm in viewport is 200mm in real distance situations.  

Therefore, to check on the corresponding ‘distance/length’ user can easily work it out by multiplying it with the horizontal/vertical scale. 

How to check the distance/length is corresponding to the horizontal/vertical scale after export to .dwg.


i) drawing exported in meter (m)  

Example 1: Earthwork Cut section All  (drawing is appended in this documentation)

Example 2: Road Cross Section All (drawing is appended in this documentation)

Note: distance/length will have discrepancies due to the decimal places used


ii) drawing exported in millimeter (mm) 

Example 3: Earthwork Cut section All in mm (drawing is appended in this documentation)

Example 4: Road Cross Section All in mm (drawing is appended in this documentation)


In Viewport the paper size is 594 mm x 841 mm ( Height * width), and when the AutoCAD measures it’s 594 x 841 unit, indicating that the viewport is 1 unit: 1 mm. 

Based on the above, the measured distance in viewport is 39, indicating that when you print it to paper, it will be 39 mm for the distance measured. Since the scale is 1:400, this means that on site it’s 39mm*400= 15,600mm (15.6m)


How to change the viewport scale?

 (The UI shown below is using the latest MiTS version 2.9)

1. Earthwork Cut Sections All [Cut Section (Title Block)

Earthwork > Input > Cut Section > Individual > Spread Input


2. Road Cross Section All [Cut Section (Title Block)]

Options > Project Parameters > Road > Detailing > Viewports > Cross Section

3. Road Horizontal and Vertical Detailing  

Road > Input > Define Window > Spread Input


Title block scale is summarized in MiTS 2 Earthwork User Manual here.