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The Google Map is not showing on PondCAD module, MiTS 1-PondCAD, or MiTS 2-Drain/MSMA module, as shown below:


Google Map not showing on PondCAD



  1. Your Windows or router firewall is blocking the port that Google Map used, or you have no internet connection at all. You will have to make sure that the tracert www.google.com” command in CMD is working ( ie. Do not show timeouts). You can either do this by enabling the internet connection, or reconfiguring the firewall properly
  2. Or Update to the latest version of your MiTS software
  3. Or you can go to %LOCALAPPDATA%\GMap.NET, and delete the folder TileDBv5. You may have to shut down the software first before you can delete the folder.

    Location of TileDBv5

  4. Or alternatively, you can just contact support@mes100.com to obtain the latest cache Google Map offline file, data.gmdb ( currently it is located here), and paste it inside your Application Folder/Resource folder. Eg: replace this file C:\Program Files\MES Innovation Sdn Bhd\MiTS\\Resources\Data.gmdb

Google Map showing beautifully, with PIN location!