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WhatsApp Support

Listening to our users has always been our strength because we want our users to succeed in producing design in a professional and timely manner. With the advance in technology, our means of supporting our users also evolves; now we are pleased to officially launch our latest mode of support: WhatsApp message

That’s right, users can just WhatsApp us at +601155891250 right from your phone or Whatsapp Desktop Web, and you are connected to us. 

Or users can just click on the WhatsApp Help button at the bottom right hand side corner of our website to get in touch.

Users can still reach us via the old ways such as landline calls (03-5885 1250), email messages ( support@mes100.com), fill in the Contact Us Form or just talk to us by dropping by our office.

Knowledge Base

To help our users in better navigating the hundred technical articles, we have reorganized our Knowledge Base into different categories, so that the users can quickly get to what they want.

The Knowledge Base mainly consists of two sections: User Manual and Technical Documentation

If you are just starting on the MiTS software, you are encouraged to read User Manual sequentially, from start to finish. If you want to know the technical details or the advanced functions of the software, you can browse the Technical Documentation section or you can just do a search on our website to get answers to your queries. 

We also invest a lot in the SEOs of our website, so you can also use Google to find out how you can do something, or answer your queries ( such as “How accurate is Google Earth Elevation?”). If you still can’t find anything you want, you might want to prepend “site:mes100.com” to the front of your query, eg: “site:mes100.com google earth”.  This will guarantee you a list of queries from only mes100.com website. 

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