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User may encounter this error when trying to proceed to analyze the project. To solve this problem, you may change the engine method used from Matlab to Native. In doing so, you will need to go to Options >> Parameters >> Analysis >> Engine >> Change from Matlab to Native

*please refer image below for reference



If the Program Fails to Start with an Exception Message


Possible solution

1. Remove Matlab cache folder. The folder, by default it is at %AppData%\Local\Temp\<username>\mcrCache7.17

i. mcrCache7.17 may be named differently depending on the installed version of Matlab compiler runtime

ii. This is how you can find the %AppData% folder on your machine.

2. If the problem still persists, try changing Matlab cache location

i. Create a directory where the location is writable, for example, create C:\mcrcache

ii. Go to Control Panel -> System -> Advanced System Settings -> Environment Variables

iii. Under System variables, add variable name MCR_CACHE_ROOT with the directory path created in the first step as its value