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Why is pump at end water pipe not working?

This situation may occurs when there is no water demand at the end of the pipeline / network (the end node). Thus there will be no water flow through the pump. Hence, the pump will act at a rest state and do nothing. In this case the pump will be seen as not working.


How pump can be closed?

Pump can be closed when the flow is going the opposite direction of the flow.

However, in this case, the pump will be considered as ‘an active pump’ where in the future, when there is a water demand at the downstream (end node), the pump will provide an additional pressure head.


In conclusion, the pump will do nothing when there is no flow passing through it which resulted as the pump is not working.

However, if there is a water demand at the end node, the pump will be seen as working because there is a water flow go through it.