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Starting from MiTS, now the infill feature comes with a more advanced function whereby users can choose to connect the edges to the highest or lowest point of the neighbouring platforms.

To change the setting, go to Project Parameters > Earthworks > Input > Infill > At the “Elevation snap to highest’

YES – software will take the highest neighbouring platform height 

NO – software will take the lowest neighbouring platform height


i)if set to YES

  • The connect to edges will be set to highest

ii) is set to NO 

  • The connect to edges will be set to lowest

And what about the elevation offset? 

  • Elevation offset is to allow user to raise (+ve value) or lower (-ve value) the proposed platform level

  • This function equivalent to the ‘adjustment’ function for platform that can be  found at the right hand side property grid

  • I.e; if set to 50mm, hence when software propose platform level, the elevation offset will be add together which make the proposed platform level raised up by 50mm